Adding Extra Liability Coverage to Help Protect Your Business

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Do you have all the liability insurance Michigan businesses generally need? You should have a general liability policy as part of your basic business insurance package. That can help protect you financially against the cost of injury claims from visitors and clients hurt on your property. However, liability is becoming one of the fastest growth areas in insurance, as people seek compensation for all sorts of losses they experience.

Businesses trading online may be particularly vulnerable. Without the ability to visit physical premises, customers are totally reliant on your website for product information. You have to be able to include accurate images, product descriptions, trading conditions and disclaimers. The flip side of that is that people shopping online should take personal responsibility for reading everything to do with their chosen product, and any other safeguards you have provided in order to help make their transaction safe and satisfying. The reality is things can, and do, go wrong at many stages of a transaction.

You may be vulnerable to hackers, which can compromise both your security and customers’ personal and financial information. Goods can get lost or damaged in transit. A product may cause injury and you could be held liable. Taking out any necessary specific liability coverage in addition to your general liability insurance Michigan could be one way of helping to protect yourself, and in some cases your customers, against losses. Call your agent to discuss the available options.


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