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Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers

Michigan Lawyers insurance

As an attorney, you are required to work very closely with your clients; building very strong relationships based upon trust and professionalism. Due to the highly-professional rapport you craft, it’s important that you are aware of you’re the potential risks that may affect your reputation and overall liability.

At Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA) we recognize that standard Commercial General Liability Insurance, most often carried by law offices to protect the ownership, maintenance or use of their premises, will not cover claims made against one’s professional errors and omissions. That eminent coverage “gap” can be addressed by our Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance.

Typical Lawyers’ Professional Liability coverage includes common features that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of an individual firm.

Such policies most often insure lawyers and their firms against claims and lawsuits alleging damages caused by an individual lawyer’s (or firm’s) actions—most often involving the act of providing (or failing to provide) legal services. This specialized coverage is also known as legal malpractice because it tackles disputes involving harm that may result from mistakes made by lawyers. Examples would include: improper filing or disregard for filing guidelines, wrongly constructing contracts as well as other actions that may financially damage clients.

Lawyers’ Professional Liability coverage is on a claims-made basis, meaning that coverage is dependent upon when a possible loss is first reported to your insurer. Claims are subject to a determined deductible in addition to a specific limit per claim and an annual collective limit. It’s important to note that expenses directly related to handling claim is also included within the policy’s limits.

At Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA) we work with you directly to develop superior coverage plans that apply not only to the firm as a whole, but also to a specified predecessor firm, each past or current partner, principal, shareholder, salaried employee, and “of counsel” attorneys.

Lawyers’ Professional Liability policies generally exclude particular coverages such as: allegations of fraud, dishonesty or criminal acts, or acts that are committed for personal profit. Interested in learning more? Contact us today, for a complete coverage evaluation and your free Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance quote.

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